Five Reasons To Go To IDEA World Blogfest + Giveaway

5 Reasons to Attend IdeaWorld Blogfest(1)

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Can you believe we’re just two months away from IDEA World Blogfest?! TWO MONTHS!! Where has the time gone?!  When the lineup was announced it felt like it was never going to get here but it’s right around the corner…. [Read More]

Bowflex #SummerStrong 30 Day Challenge

Bowflex Summer Strong

Time to be truthful.  We are right in the middle of the summer run season and I’m betting you are deep in the throughs of training but how is your cross training?  Are you working on strength at all? I had a really good winter where I really focused on getting stronger and I think… [Read More]

Reconnecting By Disconnecting

Disconnectingto Reconnect

WOW! I didn’t even realize I hadn’t talked to you guys in almost a week.  I have missed you but it’s been a good break.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little MIA lately and the honest truth is that it’s been deliberate.  Lately I’ve been feeling very tired.  Tired of trying to balance… [Read More]

2015 Racecation Announcement

ATC Peachtree Road Race

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! I CAN NOT WAIT TO TELL YOU THIS!  I’ve been holding on to this for way too long! It’s been a great year for racecations already this year.  First it was Arizona in January, then it was OC earlier this month and now this! You all know I freaking… [Read More]

OC Marathon Recap

OC Marathon Recap

I told you about the pre-race festivities and you probably thought it couldn’t get much better than that.  Well, the race itself did NOT disappoint but how could it with a race route as beautiful as it had and weather as inviting for runners as it had. On the morning of the race I headed… [Read More]

Polar A300 Review

Polar A300

We interrupt this race recap to talk about my latest piece of fun tech gear…the Polar A300. This super chic watch is more than just a watch and it’s more than just an activity tracker.  It’s a multi-functional device that’s made to help you move! The design of this watch is so slick that I… [Read More]

OC Marathon Part 1: Pre-Race Festivities

OC Marathon Part 1

You know a weekend was good when you wake up Monday morning thinking it was all just a dream.  Then you find yourself asking… Did I really just travel to the OC for 72 hours?  Did I really just run 20 miles in a weekend along some of the most beautiful shores of the West… [Read More]

Five Reasons To Buy a B.O.B. Stroller

5 Reasons to buy a BOB stroller

Ever have one of those posts that basically just write itself?  Meaning that you don’t feel forced in any way, it all just comes naturally.  Well this is one of those posts.  It sounds so much like a marketing ploy but you have to understand that I mean every last word of this.  If you… [Read More]

Find Your Fun with Crocs

Find Your Fun With Crocs

A while back I introduced you to some super cool (and comfy) Crocs.  Check them out here.  Then Crocs decided to send some of their new arrivals for my family and I to try.  I will tell you, I am a HUGE Crocs fan now.  How can you not be?!  I love how comfortable and… [Read More]