You Know You’re A Traveling Runner When…

Traveling Runner

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know I travel..A LOT. I’m in the air at least 4 times a month and more like 6 or 8. It’s not ideal but it’s the way it is…. [Read More]

Mizuno Wave Enigma

Mizuno Enigma

It’s crazy to think next weekend is Fourth of July.  Time is just moving too fast these days.  We had a fantastic week off last week.  The kids and I enjoyed just being together.  We even went to visit Scott at work one day. What’s even crazier though is to think that next weekend I’ll… [Read More]

I should be blogging…


but I’m not.  I’m doing this. watching my son conquer his fears. I should be blogging but I’m not… I’m helping my daughter discover her fashion sense. I should be blogging but I’m not… I’m running my city and training for the AJC Peachtree 10K. I should be blogging but I’m not.  I’m… I’m exploring…. [Read More]

All American 5K and More

Race Photo

I feel like it’s been raining on and off for like a week…wait it has but somehow I’ve managed to get out a little.  Last week was crazy. I spent the last part of the weekend and first few days of the week in Chicago at an interior design conference.  I enjoyed four lake front… [Read More]

National Flip Flop Day with Vionic

Flip Flops

Yeah!  The weekend is almost here and what says “weekend” better than flip flops? In the summer there’s no more versatile shoe than the flip flop but one of my issues with them has always been the lack of support.  I always feel like my arches are falling.  That’s why on this holiday, I wanted… [Read More]

Trust Your Gut

Neocon 2015

Hello!  How’s your week going?  Mine is another “normal” week and by normal I mean CRAZY! I’ve just gotten home from three days in Chicago on a work trip attending an interior design conference.  It was a new experience for me.  It’s so funny how our lives take twists and turns.  What do I mean? … [Read More]

High Friday Five

Friday Favorites

Hello!!  How was your week?! I have to say, ours was fantastic!  What made it so great? Absolutely NO travel, no pre-established plans, just PURE FAMILY and FITNESS.  It’s weeks like these that I feel most accomplished. So I thought we would do a Friday Five a few different ways…IG photos (Let’s connect), 5 Minute… [Read More]

Run Like A Kid Playlist

Run Like A Kid Playlist

If you’ve been reading me for any amount of time, you know my world (running and otherwise) revolves around my kids.  They rock my world and I love them so much.  I mean really, how can you not love these faces?! The amount of energy that these two have is something to be jealous of… [Read More]

Bowflex Body Review and Discount

Bowflex Body

When you think of Bowflex what comes to mind?  Probably functional and accessible fitness equipment but they are so much more than that.  They ARE amazing fitness equipment like these dumbbells, the SeletTech 552s (my favorites) but they also have tools to help you improve and take your strength to the next level with their… [Read More]