But, Just and Only

Three Words I'm Throwing Away

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!These words…oh boy. These words. I’m not going to propose we BAN them but I do think they should be used as little as possible. These words have a way of diminishing whatever words they are around. For example: I’m… [Read More]

High Five Friday

Baseball Picture

Grab your glass…(of coffee if you’re reading this in the AM.  Wine if it’s past breakfast time), raise it high and toast to the weekend. <<CHEERS>> Ok, let’s talk about what’s going on lately.  I hope you enjoyed this week’s tutorials (Instagram/Periscope).  I have had a lot of fun sharing all these tips.  I feel… [Read More]

Periscope Tips and Tricks

Periscope Tips

There’s no such thing as too much social media right? Ha! If you’re like me, your time is valuable and you have to be selective about which trends you jump on board with. For me, SnapChat never was a “thing”. Vine is cool but I am still evaluating it’s “value”. The one new tool that… [Read More]

5 Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement

5 Ways To Improve Instagram Engagement

I had a lot of fun at BlogFest a couple weeks ago.  I loved the sense of community that existed all because people were passionate about something and wanted to learn more.  I talked about brand relationships but I thought it would be fun to share some of my other random tips about social media…. [Read More]

It’s Changing…Like It Or Not

Motivationsl Quote

I remember a time when I could come home from work, unwind for a bit, maybe have a snack then find the perfect time to head out for a run.  Hell, I could even drive around finding new routes to explore and run to my heart’s desire. Those were the days… I knew when the… [Read More]

Bugaboo Runner In Real Life

Bugaboo Reverse Seating

Today I’m partnering with Bugaboo. If you know me, you know I do a lot of running.  Not all of them are super ultra competitive miles these days.  Most are a way of getting out, staying active and just having fun.  After all, that’s where the idea of National Stroller Running Day came from.  So… [Read More]

IDEA World Blogfest

5 Reasons IdeaWorld Blogfest Rocked

If I had to describe Blogfest in two words they would be Painfully Satisfying. Having never gone to a blog conference I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I did know was that it already had a lot going for it. Being connected to a fitness convention was very appealing to me. Just imagine all… [Read More]

Burley D’Lite

Burley D'Lite

It’s no secret I love running, biking and well…anything active.  If I can share it with my kids then it’s even better.  That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on the Burley D’Lite bike trailer.   I have been able to take the kids running, thanks to a jog stroller but now we… [Read More]

Miles Change You; Routes Remind You

Run Route

So I have a couple questions…How long have you been running?  Do you always run the same route?  I had the chance to run a route (park) I haven’t in YEARS.  Just pulling in to park spurred a wave of nostalgia. This route was where I learned to love running.  It’s where I learned what… [Read More]