Ninja Warrior Workout

Ninja Warrior Workout

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!You can probably tell I’ve been on a kick lately to mix it up…work on strength, agility and just overall fitness. After my feeble attempt at the America Ninja Warrior obstacles, I started to think about my workouts. I wanted… [Read More]

Do You Think You Deserve To Be Happy?

Do you think you deserve to be happy?

Oh  boy!  This seems like a relatively harmless question but I’ll admit that asking myself this question was tough but what was even tougher and continues to be is answering the question. I had the chance to reconnect with someone who I love very much and the conversation we had flowed so freely and so… [Read More]

Runner’s Hands

Runner's Hands

This past weekend, I went out to KOR Komplex and played around on America Ninja warrior obstacles. It was a ton of fun, kind of addicting and humbling all at the same time. I learned that despite my best efforts to keep my workouts well rounded, I have failed. I didn’t expect to get there… [Read More]

For the men: Saucony Triumph

Saucongy Triumph Men

I always get excited when I see a box on the front porch because most of the time it’s for me (or the kids).  Very rarely is it for S, poor guy gets left out.  That is until recently.  When the new Saucony Triumph came out FitFluential and Saucony offered to send him a pair. … [Read More]

High Five Friday – Workouts, Swimming Lessons and Doctors

Favorite Instagram Photos

Happy Friday Friends.  The feeling of a Friday never gets old.  You know the feeling. It’s excitement for what the weekend holds.. letting go of rigid schedules, shutting off the alarm clock, family naps, long runs and maybe an extra glass of wine.  Pure heaven if you ask me! I would be up for adopting… [Read More]

Wordless Wednesday – Photoshoot Fun

Kohl's Photoshoot Outtakes

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to have a real photographer take some real pictures for the Kohl’s campaign that I had the chance to take part in.  First off, I have to give HUGE props to the photographer…Sydney Pourcille.  She is a budding photographer here in the St. Louis area.  I would… [Read More]

Marvelous Monday – Stroller Running and Family Fun

National Stroller Running Day

WOW!  I’m sure you’ve noticed but I have (along with Murnan Creative) been doing a little sprucing up around here.  I haven’t really changed much since I started this blog 4 years ago.  So I figured it was time.  Do you like it?  A little cleaner, a little wider, and just more space. Marvelous Monday… [Read More]