Time to Get Planning

WARNING: Lots of project manager terms used in this post.  Blah.  I’ll highlight them in red for your amusement. You might even see some power point sneak in here!

So the natural “next step” for a Type A program manager such as myself once a goal has been set it to plan to achieve it.  That involves laying out a training plan.  Doing this does a two things:
    How to achieve success
  1. Keeps me focused on what I need to do that day and the days leading up to my goal
  2. Keeps my husband straight on what my workouts are going to be (i.e. what days I’m not going to the gym so I can go bike, run or swim).  That way he knows when he has to take E with him.

Planning is essential to success, plus it’s just fun.  The process of putting together a training plan is like going through a little mental negotiation lots of prioritizing discussions going on.  Goes a little something like this..

Me:I think I should do XX workout on Tuesday.
Mental Arbitrator: Are you sure you should?  Your brain is telling me you have a lot going on Tuesdays.
Me: Fine, how ’bout we do YY? Then I’ll do XX on Wednesday.
Mental Arbitrator: Fine, that sounds better.  The brain agrees.
You win some you lose some but either way, I usually am able to generate some sort of plan.
So that’s what I’ve been doing.  I created a plan with 2 goals in mind. These plans are real and concrete.  I know exactly how and when I’m going to achieve them, which is the way I roll:
  1. Complete the Runners World Run Streak (May 28th through July 4th)
  2. Compete in a local triathlon on July 29th.
The plan came together pretty easily but I’ll warn you as you look at it…it might not seem super ambitious but that’s on purpose.  I know that in order for me to get excited about a plan, I have to know I can do it and given the chaos of my life right now…I know I can do what I’ve planned.  If school weren’t in the picture, it might be different. 
I’m excited to get back into a rhythm and train with a purpose.  Here’s where I socialize the deliverable (plan) with you.  I’ve also done a couple things for you! 
Training Plan
  • I’ve created a PDF version of it so you can scribble all over it if you want.
  • I’ve created a blank PDF of the training plan so you can set out establishing your goals and planning
  • I’ve created a blank excel for you to rebuild your plan if you are an excel junkie like me.  Feel free to share it with all your friends (by pinning it using the provided buttons). 
So now it’s your turn.  How do you plan for your goals?  Do you have a tool you use?  Do you like a certain training plan? 


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    I love that you make printables for your readers to plan for themselves… so cool! I was just talking to Danielle Liss about how terrible I am at time management. I should probably put “manage time” on my to-do list 😉

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