Do Anywhere Upper Body Workout

I put together a 5 exercise circuit that you can do WITHOUT ANY WEIGHTS OR EQUIPMENT. Just bring yourself and get ready to work.  I promise you’ll feel the burn. I’m happy with the fact that the workout will make you sweat!! Enjoy!
Next up..Core.  I posted this picture last weekend on Instagram and promised I would show you some of my favorite core moves.  Don’t worry, it’s coming!  Aren’t you loving this Do Anywhere Upper Body Workout?
What doyou think of the workout?  What else do you want to see?  Let’s talk.



  1. […] You might have scanned the workout and saw Crawling…yeah crawling.  It’s not a joke and it’s not like your baby crawls.  Rather than crawling on hands and knees, get up on your toes.  Just crawl from one end of the room and back making sure to keep the opposite arm moving with the opposite leg. It’s harder than you think and will challenge your coordination.  See a Push away in this workout. […]

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