26 Weeks Pregnant

This is what 26 Weeks looks likeI can’t believe how fast time is flying.  We have 14 weeks to go which scares me just a little since her room isn’t anywhere close to be ready.

But at this point, at 26 weeks she is being extremely active, which is the best feeling to an expectant mom.  I’ll even deal with the kicks at night.

What to Expect reminds me that at 26 Weeks I could start experience some swelling (oh joy!) and that my belly is about the size of a basketball (double OH JOY).  But the good news is that Baby Nuunie has started opening her eyes and she’s even got taste buds now.

Physically I definitely feel like I’m carrying a basketball and just like my pants, my shoe collection is starting to dwindle.  Gone are the days of high heels to work, I’ve resorted to flats.  I know it will all be worth it but as the last trimester rolls around, I remember the discomfort but the difference is this time around I know the outcome is well worth the wait.

Big Boy Bed DecorOne of the other things we HAVE to get figured out before Baby Nuunie comes is E’s sleep schedule.  He’s a night owl, I get that but I can’t handle getting him in bed so late thinking I’m bypassing the struggle only to find out we’re struggling more.  We’ve tried starting the process earlier and that usually ends in just a longer struggle so I’ve put my gym visits on hold to see if I can break the pattern and get him on a different evening schedule.  So I’m really, honestly just doing whatever I can, when I can as far as workouts go.

Adding to the changes E’s going through, we had to finally convert him to a “BB Bed” (i.e. Big Boy Bed) since he fell out of his crib the other night, I knew it was time.

So in the meantime, the prenatal workout I showed you the other day is something I do about every other day.  My hubby and I have gone in search of a new treadmill, and some weights to add to our home gym which should give me a lot more flexibility but for now I do what I can when I can, all in the name of getting my son on a better schedule.

We have even found a pediatric sleep specialist to try to lend a hand.  I’m looking forward to visiting with her next month.  Hopefully she will bestow upon us some pearls of wisdom.

In the meantime, I’ll keep getting bigger, spending time with E and just enjoying the journey.

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Do you have any recommendations for toddler sleeping? 


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    Good Luck! Can’t offer any advice I have the opposite problem. My little guy is a crazy early riser, really not sure which is the lessor of the two energy siphoning routines :)

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    I think you are really smart to try to work on the sleep issues now b/c when the new baby is here is not when any of you will want to face it!

    You look great!

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    You look awesome and I can’t believe you’re 26 weeks already! Toddler sleep issues truly are no fun. I think that we tried every trick in the book. I know that this isn’t much help at all but it somehow just worked itself out one day. J and then E both just decided that they were going to bed and that was that. Kids definitely sense when we really want them to do something and I’m not saying don’t try but sometimes when we let off the pressure, then they’re ready to do whatever it is that we’ve wanted them to do all along. The other thing that I would say is be consistent. No matter what, both kids knew our stance on sleeping – what was allowed and what wasn’t going to be tolerated. Sorry for the rambling comment but good luck.

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