Blog Reading is Dangerous

First I have to say, February is going to be a really tough month for me to blog. 

  • Being 7 months pregnant, working full time and managing a house, and a toddler that can’t seem to understand the concept of bedtime is exhausting my husband and I.  I can’t wait to go see a sleep specialist next month.
  • School is really cranking up (August can’t some soon enough).  I’m spending most of my free time (even sacrificing some gym time) studying and just trying to stay afloat. 
  • Celebrate Fitness is right around the corner which means what time I do have left is devoted to making sure that it is the best experience for our runners and all the other attendees. 
  • This month also marks a year of living without my dad and the closer and closer I get to that date, the more it impacts me, my life and my writing.  So rather than bringing you all down, I’m probably just going to be stepping away a little bit and focusing on my family and myself.

Miz talked last week about making sure your life has margins, and right now, my life does not.  I made these choices and really, the planner in me set it up this way on purpose but I do feel like I’m burning the candle at every end possible. 

But I wanted to get this out because I really think it’s important to hear.  The title may be a little misleading but there is a point to it.

There are so many amazing blogs out there…so many, in fact, it can be stifling. As a reader of blogs, I read because I love the motivation and inspiration that comes from knowing what others are accomplishing.  I read because I love the support that I can provide as a reader to someone that needs it. 

The thing that is important to remember when you read blogs is that you are you.  Your life is different, your challenges are different and you are different.  I’m sometimes guilty of this, which is why I’m putting the warning out there.

Blog reading should NOT lead you to feel inferior. 

There are MANY amazing women out there accomplishing many AMAZING things but that doesn’t mean that is what YOU should be doing.

Take for example, working out while pregnant.  There are many women, not just bloggers, that are able to run throughout their entire pregnancy or do crossfit or whatever.  I LOVE reading that.  I am amazed by that but I also know that I can’t.  Running for me ended at about 20 weeks because it was uncomfortable.  That is the truth.  Maybe it makes me look weak or whatever, but it is what it is.  I’m different and for me, I knew when it was time to hang up the shoes for a while.

Is there a part of me that’s a little jealous of those ladies that do these amazing things?  Yep. 

But that’s where it stops.  Part of being strong is knowing who you are and what’s right for you.  It’s not easy to recognize your limits.  We all want to think we’re invincible, but guess what…we’re human.  And with that comes human qualities which makes us all different.  How boring would it be if we were all similar?

Ok, I’m rambling but I just want you to know that you’re not alone if you read blogs and wonder..

“Why aren’t I doing that?” 

But the first step in getting past it and being able to enjoy reading is to remember that you are you.  Then hopefully you can read, enjoy, feel happy and supportive.

Oh and one final thought..

BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!  Because you are amazing too!

From one tired, kind of cranky, wanna be fitness junkie mom to another! 


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    Fantastic post, Katie! You’re so right- there is always the danger of comparison with blog reading… love your message. We can all be inspired by each other, but must be content with who we are and where we’re at!

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    Great post! I constantly find the urge to compare and it’s not worth it. I see the people that are running all 9 months (that isn’t going to happen for me), I see the girls at the same stage as me that barely look pregnant (while I feel like I already look ready to pop), etc. But it’s what makes my pregnancy mine. :) I’m learning to embrace it.

    My thoughts are with you this month… take the time you need my dear and know that we’re thinking about you!

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    Yes! Yes! Yes!! As a NON-pregnant fitness blogger… I too get overwhelmed with the amount of awesome bloggers within my niche. It is hard not to envy their stats, following, style, opportunities, etc.

    The thing I am learning is to just be true to YOU. YOUR readers LOVE YOU and are following YOUR journey for a reason. :) Celebrate that. <3

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    Great post, Katie! You are so right and we all need to be reminded of this every once in a while. Hope you get through this crazy month smoothly :)

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    Yep, true true true. There is always going to be someone faster, someone fitter, and someone doing something really cool that you’ve always wanted to do, but can’t yet. I like to use it as inspiration. But mostly, I like to read people’s blogs and just know that there are so many other women out there, just like me!

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    Fabulous Katie! Will be thinking about you this month!! Amazing how you balance it all and stay sane. Listen to your body–so important, I try to preface all my prego workouts with that because we are all so different! Hugs!

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    I had been feeling this a lot recently. So I simply stopped blogging. I was driving myself batty trying to make everyone happy when really it only matters to me. This is a great message and I hope everybody reads it!

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    You are so right! I think we all have been there…I know I have. I see bloggers who do things bigger and better and my competitive side steps out and wants to play. That’s the time to reel it back in. I’m my own person with my own life and own situation.

    Just an FYI – I didn’t run through most of my pregnancy. It was too uncomfortable for me. Walking, elliptical, bike, yoga and strength training are what worked for me!

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    Great message! I posted a similar topic today… focusing on what you ARE doing well rather than being down about what you didn’t accomplish!

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    This is such a great post with so much truth. Thanks for putting it into words. I was recently reflecting on the same thing and wrote about Post-Baby Pressure on my blog. It’s hard to not to compare when you are constantly reading blogs. But there’s a saying I love: Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s so true, when we compare ourselves our perspective gets so skewed and we heap pressure on ourselves to “measure up.” That creates stress and ultimately steals our joy.

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    It’s really hard reading running blogs right now. I mean, I see people outside running and it makes me want to cry! That said – it is so easy to get caught up in what other people are able to do and you can’t. You really just have to focus on what is fulfilling to you.

    Hang in there this month, many thoughts go to you and your family — and a huge good luck with the sleep.

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    I’m coming up on 2 years since my Dad died. I try to remember how precious our time with our friends and loved ones is, but I still get sucked into the daily grind. Make sure you are taking care of yourself during these crazy times.

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    Love this post Katie for so many reasons. I feel very much the same way – I love reading blogs and getting inspired by them but I also know that I have to set some limits because I CANNOT do everything that everyone else is doing. We are each on our own journey and it’s going to look different from everyone else’s. You are doing an amazing job, you know? You have a ton on your plate and being pregnant with a toddler is not easy task! PS – thinking of you and your family. I know those anniversary dates are hard. xox

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    Well said! I think the same goes for all forms of social media and networking. We bloggers are not shy about bragging and boasting about good eats, great workouts, and amazing accomplishments, but sometimes it’s hard not to feel trumped by someone elses’ outstanding day. I always tell my clients “just do you.” I push them to work harder, but sometimes they come in with an idea of how they want to workout (they want me to mimic CrossFit or Insanity type workouts) when in reality, it’s just not for them. What DOES work in any aspect of life is what makes you feel happy, challenges you, and fulfills you.

    Sorry for your loss. Hope you are able to move forward with fond memories and love.

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    This is an awesome post! I am always comparing my blog to others thinking mine just isn’t good enough. But I feel like I show my true self in my blog and that’s what’s important.

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    I went through a little unhealthy envy awhile ago. I was a fairly new runner and reading tons of running blogs. I always felt inferior because I wasn’t fast and I wasn’t training for half or full marathons!

    I had my first running injury two years ago and I had to stop reading all running blogs because it made so upset. I was jealous, sad, angry at my body, frustrated with my injury….but the injury also gave me the clarity I needed. Everyone is different and everyone’s body is not made to be a marathon runner. I came to terms with that and felt so much better!

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    This is such a great reminder…I found myself feeling that sense of unworthiness when I’d read certain blogs, or even see certain picture feeds on instagram, and I realized how stupid it was that I was allowing those pictures/posts to make me think less of myself and my accomplishments. I have to remind myself of it sometime still, but I’m much better about it now!

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    I want you to remember this post when you start talking about running on a relay team this year. You are amazing and “enough” being YOU. There is no one more (or less) amazing because of any physical feat. Every journey holds its own magic. Revel in YOURS.

    Awesome post.

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    I came across your blog from another one who linked to you. Our stories are very similar, but I am coming upon the 5th anniversary of living without my dad. Also, I have an almost 1 year old, but had to stop running mid-way through pregnancy and probably will be at this point, like you, when we are ready for our second.

    I just wanted to say that I loved this post, it was a great reminder to cheer for others.

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    Love this post! I read blogs for purely for inspiration and entertain.. I don’t think I’ve ever let any blog post get to me in a negative way. The only thing they do is make me want to workout really bad (say even if it’s at 2am)!


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