Confessions of a Fitness Blogger

There have been a few great posts lately about being “real” and in the fitness blogging realm, it’s easy to want to tell everyone about every great run or workout. It’s fun to show pictures of every crazy healthy concoction you’ve come up with the but truth is:

Fitness Bloggers are human too

(well at least most of them, I’m convinced that a few are super human, but I digress).

MissZippy had a great post where she exposes herself a little bit, so did NYCRunningMama.

So since we’re all sharing, I thought I’d do a little fitness blogger expose.  Note, I’m not super excited about you knowing these.

I’m a simple eater.  I like cereal, turkey sandwiches, baked chips and diet soda.  I love looking at all the amazing recipes on the blogs but I don’t participate in WIAW because it’s not that exciting and I’m not good at taking pictures of food (as seen in this post). Most of the time I’m too hungry to wait or I just doesn’t look as appetizing when I do take a picture.   

I don’t do juices (I don’t own a juicer and don’t want to pay $4 for a bottle of juice) although I find the idea somewhat intriguing, I don’t do smoothies because I need the satiating benefits of eating.  I don’t do paleo, raw, vegan or even vegetarian.  I think they all have great attributes and value but for me, at the moment, they aren’t right. 

The following foods are on my “Do Not Eat/Drink” list:

  • Avocados
  • Cilantro
  • Milk Substitutes (although E loves Almond milk)
  • Peanut Butter Substitutes (call me old fashioned)
  • Kale
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Most Beans (except edemame)

The following foods are things I eat that I shouldn’t

  1. Sweettarts (LOVE them)
  2. Ghiradelli Chocolate with Carmel
  3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (a coffee cup full of dry cereal at night usually makes me very happy)
  4. This is the worst..are you ready…powered donuts. 

Not every workout is a great workout.  Especially right now (33 weeks pregnant).  There are times when the only reason I make it to the gym is because my husband, ever so nicely, prompts me to go along.  Sometimes I end of getting an awesome workout in and sometimes I just am not feeling it.  

I’m not good at working out at home Although I CAN get into a good rhythm at times, my preference is to go to the gym.  I crave the gym time for some reason.  I do want to replace my treadmill at home in hopes that when the baby comes I’ll open up to the idea more out of necessity but at the moment, having a husband that understands and wants me to stay healthy means I get to step away most times to try to get to the gym.

I do believe, to some extent in diets.  Let me explain this one.  There are times when life gets the best of us..and we slip into not so desirable habits and sometimes a diet and the restrictions that come along with it can be therapeutic.  They take away the options.  When I was doing fitness competitions, I actually enjoyed knowing exactly what I could/couldn’t eat.  I didn’t have to think about whether or not that was a good choice or bad one.  I just ate what I knew was ok.  Sometimes less is more.

Fitness blogging isn’t my life.  Despite loving it, at the end of the day there are a lot of roles that come first:, I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a student, a charity organizer, a friend, a corporate cubicle dwelling program manager, ……then finally a fitness blogger.  Those other roles tend to muck up the waters and make it hard to blog but the passion I have for it, will keep me coming back (and you too hopefully).

Ok, so there you have it.  Do you still want to be my friend?  :) 

I try not to preach more than I practice. 

I try to show you the way..(to a healthy lifestyle) but the fact is, I’m still trying to find my way too.   

I love fitness blogging. I love talking about running, working out, eating right, making progress, achieving goals, but more so than talking about it, I love doing it.  Sometimes I’m more successful than others.

Everyday has challenges and requires us to be flexible and adopt but despite being “prepared”, despite “knowing” what’s best, at the end of the day..we’re all human and I am BY NO MEANS different. 

So now it’s your turn…Do you have any confessions?


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    This cracks me up. It is hard to be a fitness blogger. I can’t believe the looks I get when people see me in real life for the first time. I don’t lie. I do run Ironman and marathons but I have a big butt. Apparently, shockingly so. Oh well. That’s my confession for the day.

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    wohooo let’s hear it for being simple eaters!! i like eating the same things every day and I like having a cookie when I want one :) I try to be very real on my site which means some people aren’t interested because just like magazines they like the gloss

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    I love this post and can totally relate – especially about the donut part. My confession is even though I eat a ton of vegetables every day, they’re not my favorite. If someone told me Doritos are equally healthy, I’d probably eat them instead ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Yeaaah awesome post. Ghiradelli chocolate with caramel and sea salt is where it’s at. I eat SO many of these whenever I can get my hands on them. My confession: I drink way too many sugary coffee drinks (namely mochas and flavored lattes). Even though I know they’re basically sugar bombs, they taste so amazing. And I have quite the addiction to dark chocolate. I can’t stop.

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    Excellent post! I love that bloggers are being honest and real. I have days where I don’t want to run. I have days where I just want to eat chocolate. I have days where I want to hide from the world. That’s what makes us human! Thanks for being honest – it is refreshing!

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    Niiiice! I love keeping it real. totally relate on the food posting–my camera skills are piss poor and my cooking isn’t all that great either. I can’t create recipes worth a damn, so I just stay away from food posts and leave it to the better food bloggers.

    I like you even more now than before–thanks for the honesty!

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    Real pulls me in every time – I am not actually a fan of gloss. Not even lip gloss, ha, ha! I need to know I’m not alone in actually living a normal-ish, real, usually very messy life. And the not being real enough thing is a problem in many blogs, not just fitness ones!

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    Honestly, none of these things surprise me! LoL :) I started blogging on on my page there. Everyone there shares things that they wouldn’t tell the outside world so my blogging was very honest from the start. I didn’t read a lot of self-hosted blogs, just the ones on SP written by my friends. Then I got my own domain and started blogging there. At first, I tried to make it more “professional” but ended up falling into my old honest habits. When I became an ambassador for FitFluential, I started to get wrapped up in the blogging world and started to lose my honesty. I felt like I had to post pictures of every workout, every fantastic meal, share recipes, etc. Then I realized, that’s not me and my blog is about me. So I stopped and am back to what I like doing, sharing my life with the world, good or bad!

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      it’s easy, regardless of your network, to get caught up in the amazingness that is blogging. Good for you for seeing that you weren’t being you! That’s hard to see and even harder to act on.

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    Love, Love this post!
    I too cannot live without Diet Coke, and a coffee mug of cereal at night! (I am so glad I am not the only one who does this, but it keeps the portion under control, right?)
    I am not a good cook, I eat a lot of bars and “gasp” lean cuisines! (They are easy to take to work with little thought and fit in my purse!)
    I have only recently became “vegan with meat” because our 19 month old son is allergic to dairy and eggs. Which makes my limited cooking skills even more challenged.
    I am a new blogger and hope that I can always be real, I always try to tell it like it is even if it sucks, its gross or its awesome :)

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    I totally love this Katie. Yes, fitness bloggers ARE human. Half the time, I feel like I’m a hypocrite but I try to be honest and truthful in what I share. But come on! No avocados??? Now you have me craving cinnamon toast crunch. LOVE.

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    I never thought of you as not being authentic… ever! but knowing a little bit of what’s behind the scenes is interesting. I completely agree with your last one “fitness blogging is not my life”, I struggle with this one daily. This was a fun list! xoxo

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    YES I so disagree with PB substitutes there is something just so wrong with that on many levels. I’m actually working on a post right now about sharing “mistakes that I make”. And I am also so with you on the juicing. I love smoothies, but juicing…I like eating my veggies. I like the crunch and the fact that I’m eating. HA! Thank you for sharing this today!

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    LOVE THIS. I agree. In the beginning I definitely blogged about every meal and every workout but I’m like you: I eat very simple foods and my dinners are a rotation of about 4 things. Not very interesting to blog about!

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    Great post and it’s refreshing when people open up and show people a more ‘human’ side to the blogging world. I myself did it a little in my post today because I felt like “If I am struggling with something, maybe someone else is too and can relate”

    For the record, I am obsessed with Ghiradelli dark chocolate with raspberry squares. They are heaven and I cant give them up, nor am I willing to try.

    Congrats on all that you do, you’re a busy woman with a little one on the way to make you even busier. I hope I can manage my life like that when I become a mom!

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    hahaha this is a cute funny blog, fitness blogger that doesn’t like juice and veggies that much. Honesty is cute. It made me realize, yeah, not all fitness bloggers eat a strict diet as much as we think. :)

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    Great things to think about. I’m new to the blogging world, I was a sporadic reader of blogs before but now I’m reading and writing regularly and am hooked. My weakness is wine and chocolate. And I don’t get into pics of food.

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