Koss Headphones and Dara Torres

When FitFluential offered to send me the latest headphones from Koss Corporation, I jumped at the chance.  Not just because I love trying new things.  And not just because I am obsessed with listening to music while I workout.  But did I mention Dara Torres?  If you had asked me to name my female crushes, she would be on it.

I was given a pair of the earbuds as well as the fitclips.  Here’s my breakdown of each:



  • Koss gives you three different earbuds to fit your ears.  The great thing is that they really are tailored to woman’s ear.  They are smaller than other “sizable” earbuds you could get at this price point.
  • That’s the next thing.  They retail for $30, which is pretty good considering your getting sweat-proof, cute, highly functional earbuds.


  • Not really a con but you do have to practice getting the earbuds in at just the right angle so that they stay put.

Of the two, these were definitely my favorite.



  • If you are one to like the clips, you’ll like these.  They, again, are designed smaller to hug a woman’s ear.
  • The price point is still $30 which makes these a pretty accessible.
  • They would be great for the gym or listening to MBA lectures around the house when you’re trying to carry an infant and chase a toddler.  ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • If you’re running outside and have sunglasses, and maybe a headband, it can be difficult to get these to lay in the right position.  I tried a couple different ways and couldn’t get them to feel comfortable.

Overall, if your price point is in the $30 range, I would definitely recommend checking them out.  You can definitely tell Koss and Dara (because we go by first names now) put a lot of effort into making a good product. 

Go check them out for yourself!  Go Shopping!

How do you listen to your music?  Do you use earbuds or clips?


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    Don’t you just love Dara Torres! What an inspiration! I used to swim competitively, so I’m always glued to the TV watching the swimming Trials and Olympics.

    I don’t usually run with music, especially when I’m outside, but I would like to get some good earbuds for business travel. The crappy headsets you get for international flights just don’t cut it! I would love to get a Bose noise-cancelling headset, but they are really pricey! Thanks for great review.

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    Love Dara Torres! I don’t listen to music when I run outside, but on that one time/year that I might be forced onto a treadmill, it’s necessary, and so are good headphones!

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    I’ve honestly had the best luck over the years just using the headphones that came with my ipod/iphone. I’d bought more expensive ones or “athletic” ones and they never seemed to work for me for some reason. The downside is the apple headphones aren’t sweatproof so over time they start having issues… like right now. SO I am on the hunt this week (since the marathon is next weekend) to find something that works because I NEED music for the marathon. Maybe I will look into the Koss ones!

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    I’ve been working on trying to run w/out music. It’s been strange, but when I do, having the right pair is the most important thing. Glad you were able to find a pair that worked out great. Nice crush BTW.

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