Post Run Static Stretching Routine

After the half last month, I somehow developed a nagging little ankle-bitter of an injury which after asking my fantastic IG/Social Media friend was quickly diagnosed and corrected and it all came down to lack of stretching. As a certified personal trainer, tout the benefits of stretching for injury prevention and increased mobility but I wasn’t practicing what I preached.  It took this little nagging injury to get me back on the stretching bandwagon and I’ve really gotten into a routine.

I’ve created post-run stretching routine taking advantage of static static stretching that really helps me target all the areas that feel tight after a run.  I wanted to share it with you in case you’re looking for some ideas. This routine covers head to toe, and the objective is to hold each stretch for approximately 30-60 seconds at just a slightly challenging point allowing the muscle to release and relax.

Static Stretching Routine
Hold Each Stretch for 30-60 seconds

As you can probably see, my stretching is never done alone.  I almost always have at least one workout buddy. So I couldn’t help showing you a couple of the photos that didn’t quite make the cut.

Static Stretching

What are your favorite stretches?


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    I’ve been neglecting my upper body stretches lately and man can I feel it. I’m always telling others to stretch and need to take my own advice. I love my foam roller too! Deborah @ Confessions of A Mother Runner

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    Thanks for this Katie! I’ll definitely be adding some of your stretches into my routine…especially the upper body one. I always focus on my legs. And I LOVE the pics with your little man in them! SO cute! My youngest son likes to stretch with me too!

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