Let it all hang out

Every parent talks about how their kids end up teaching them so much and I’m realizing that to be true these days. E is three and a half now and has developed quite a personality. He is strong willed, fights for what he wants, compassionate to everyone and has no shame in his game.

Lately he has taken a liking to certain songs…”Happy” by Pharrell is a top one but also “Pompeii” by Bad Blood is probably even more of a favorite. What’s so sweet is that when it comes on in the car, he asks me to turn it “higher” and then proceeds to sing at the top of his lungs and it is so endearing. It’s the sweetest sound a mother can hear next to just pure childhood laughter.

I had to actually buy the song for him because he was sad that I made him get out of the car before it was over to go into Target one day. I instantly jumped to iTunes, bought the song and started playing it softly on my iPhone speaker just so I could get him to go into the store with me. Just as we were getting a cart, he figured out how to turn it up and did…the loudest it would go. Then proceeded to belt it out again at the top of his little lungs all the way through Target.

At first I was embarrassed, I tried to quiet him down but then something triggered inside. I asked myself why I cared? Was it because I was afraid of what others would think? Was I afraid it would ruin their shopping experience? I started to look around as he sang and realized that everyone who heard him was smiling ear to ear and some even danced along as we walked. I brought tears of joy to my eyes and it was then that I realized that he had just taught me a lesson that I so desperately needed to learn.

Sometimes we just have to let it all hang out…throw away all the inhibitions and just be ourselves. Then I thought about all the areas of my life where I limit myself because of self doubt or lack of confidence and it’s stifling how long the list was.

It’s because of E and that lesson that I have the confidence to go after speed again in my running. I have really enjoyed it and am so glad I’m back at it and I have E to thank.

What lessons have your kids taught you? What lessons have you learned by watching someone else? What is one area where you think you hold yourself back?


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    Kids are probably the most amazing little blessing. I have always been drawn to their beautiful purity and sense of self – completely untainted. It inspires me too. I Love this story! SING IT E!

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    What a great lesson, I know that my little guy (he’s 2) has taught me so much in his short time with us, I am eternally grateful for him because he makes me a better person! I say, belt it out E and keep that sense of innocence and freedom for as long as you can!

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    Love that lesson! I agree, seeing my daughter be herself and not care at all what other people think is so refreshing and such a good reminder about what really matters!

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    Shark Boy told me to shut up today. He got an immediate time-out, and a good talking to afterwards, but I’m hoping I also addressed what led to it. He wanted his brother to leave the stereo alone, and his concerns weren’t being addressed because it was breakfast time and we wanted the music off anyway. You can be right, and yet you still have to not be a jerk about it – that’s the lesson I need continuous reminders on.

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