Funny Runner Problems: Never Eat Chinese Food Before A Run

Yeah…that.  I committed a rookie mistake today and it cost me.  It’s one of many funny runner problems I have experienced.  My original plan is to get up and run before church at 10:30 but when the kids were still sleeping at 7:30, I just couldn’t help myself.  I took full advantage as we all slept till 8:30 which was glorious.  But also meant there was no time for a morning run.

Every Sunday we have a tradition of picking up Chinese food and I really didn’t want to disrupt the groove we were in.  So I went along and ate my usual.  I thought I had waited long enough but once I started running, I knew I was in trouble.  None of the 6 miles were pleasant.  I spent most of the run  burping or digesting or something painful.

Funny Runner Problems
UGH!  Chinese does not make good run fuel

So it got me thinking..what other running lessons have you learned the hard way?  I asked some of my Instagram Friends and we got some pretty good responses.

I can’t drink coffee before a run.


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    I’m usually pretty proud of my cast-iron stomach, and eating Chinese food before a run sounds like something I would have done on a dare not too long ago, but I’ve gotten a little wiser with age. Anyway, my lesson is: that cookie will not be good fuel for the mid point of your long run.

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    Haha it’s always funny how you learn some of these things the hard way – I am pretty good at night with what I eat but in the morning I have to stick with coffee and carbs

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    I really don’t do well with any alcohol the night before a long run. I’m not a big drinker in general but a few weeks ago I had two gin & tonics with friends on a particularly nice evening on a patio. The next day I was so sluggish during my run, had to stop and walk for the first time in years and just generally hated life…

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